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Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. It was transformative and I am still receiving the benefits and the energy from it. I listened to your reading again this morning and it is still resonating with me.

I feel renewed and strengthened on many levels and I also feel the reading woke up memories and recognitions of what I have had inklings of and feelings about for all of my life but which I have had confirmed in the reading. Things have fallen into place and I feel like there is a new understanding of my life and my work here on Earth. Thank you so much for helping me to see that and hear that. - Juliet

I have had the great honour of receiving a reading from Chris Wilson. Chris accesses the Akashic Records and brings through all the right information to support, heal, comfort and uplift you in this lifetime. I gained so much insight and wisdom and reassurance as Chris very lovingly delivered the knowledge I required to better understand the journey of my soul. A reading with Chris is a priceless experience. She revealed to me so many truths, showed me my wings and reminded me how high I can fly. Chris is a pure and clear Channel and I recommend  her to all who wish to better understand their life and their soul. - Tori Bassett

I first came across Chris's website a few weeks ago. Although I was very intrigued, my skepticism held me back for awhile but something told me I had to give it a go. 

I wasn't sure what to expect of the session and wondered if I would recognise the reading to be true and so on.  To say the least, I needn't have worried. Somewhere in the session (early on the session I might add) my heart just started to react in a very unusual way and I knew what Chris was telling me was all genuine and true. It was the most grateful spiritual experience I ever had. 

Chris was also very caring and comforting throughout the whole session. No matter who you are and what kind of situation you may be in, I can honestly assure you that anyone would benefit from such an insightful session. Thank you Chris! - Richard

When I spoke to you in our first session and you saw that I was a 'survivor' that rang so true. The experience of you understanding and seeing that I had had difficult previous lives and that I have 'ended it' in some of those lives was of huge benefit to me. Someone really 'saw me' rather than was trying to 'fix me' - someone could see the span or bigger picture of who I was and understood. The effect was extraordinary. Far from being really concerned that this had happened to me in previous lives, I felt like it was a reason, or context - something I could 'work with' in this life on my healing journey. Chris has given me tools to help me overcome the anxiety and depression I have been dealing with for most of my adult life and to move forward with confidence. While depression may come up again, I know that I am able to access the Akashic records as a type of refuge, to gain inner strength and freedom. This helps integrate those painful feelings into something that I'm able to digest.- Kim

Truly amazing ... to hear my records read and to feel the words resonate so strongly within me was a very powerful and humbling experience. So many questions, so little time ... I will be back! Since the reading I now have a much more conscious connection to my soul family and through that the confidence and strength to push on with my "mission" as well as a greater love and appreciation for this human experience. This is important as the records enabled me to identify that it was a fear of life itself that is the principle cause of my asthma. - Chris Balm

In just one session Chris led me to a profound place, a refuge of deep love and wisdom. I have been left with a wonderful and deep resource that is always there when I need it.

Thank you, Chris -  Marianne Abraham

Chris helped me to further explore the areas for my self development. Her intuitive guidance and clear verbal expression led to most useful discoveries during the session. This allowed me to get better understanding of some very important relationships in my life. After the session I felt deep gratitude and appreciation. Thankyou Chris. Looking forward to the next session. - Ozren Zdunic  

I had never really been aware of the Akashic records and was interested and intrigued to learn about mine. I was simply amazed at how accurate they were. Through the questions answered I was able to understand myself better. I was able to connect with myself and see my true potential. Chris is a gentle, kind intuitive being who has an incredible gift and I would encourage anyone to take the journey with her, access your records, take the plunge, understand more about yourself. Chris was the perfect person to help me and I would like to say thank you and I look forward to accessing my records again. - Tania

Exploring the record of our souls journey is a sacred experience that Chris has been gifted to guide us through. As a lightworker Chris is a particularly clear channel for accessing and transmitting the information contained in the records. Even for those that have done much emotional soul work, assessing our records can shed new light on deeply held challenges. Chris sensitively passes on information in an empowering and loving, respectful manner. Chris as a guide to our soul records is a fantastic resource to add to your ascension toolbox. Absolutely recommended, no matter where you are at on your journey. -  Donna Falconer

The Akashic record reading I had from Chris carried a great deal of light. I was able to ask very specific questions and Chris was able to bring in detailed information, which was of high quality and vibration. The whole experience was very loving as Chris was very respectful and professional and she was able to shed light on a number of issues I was facing about my future because of the transformation now taking place in the world and because of my desire to help with that transformation. I recommend Chris highly as a gentle, loving and gifted reader. -   Pauline, Healer and author


You’re a remarkable woman Chris!  I am totally inspired from being at the workshop and it has given me direction which I am now creating.  Just being around you made me smile because I could feel your whole body smiling from within. It was lovely meeting everyone on Sunday and I hope to meet up with you again.  Wow, what an enlightening and powerful group.  Not only did we do healing on ourselves but also for the wonderful grounds that nurtured us over the weekend. Arohanui kia koutou katoa - Joanne



Thank you very much for your teachings, clear and down to earth explanations,  the energy you brought to it and also facilitating the hugs we all felt we could give each other. It was a warm and safe atmosphere.

I learnt a lot and can't stop smiling! - Ingrid Wierenga


Wonderful to be part of that awesome, high resolution group today. Loved your style, your passion and all that you gave. I learned a lot. A huge thank you. - Wendy Norman

Deepest Gratitude Chris for an extra-ordinary weekend. I loved every moment of the workshop and am excited about the possibilities and miracles. Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are..

Love and Light - Nathalie Battour


I had heard a little about the Akashic Records before meeting Chris but really wanted to find out more, especially after receiving such an interesting reading from Chris.  My curiosity was piqued! The day was a mix of hearing from Chris about her experience with the Akashic Records and sharing her learning, guiding us through exercises and meditation, and hearing the stories and experiences of others in the group. Chris is a beautiful person who continues to offer her support in helping me to access my akashic records. - Heidi Stevenson-Wright

I attended the Soul History Workshop run by Chris. I had an akashic reading a couple of years ago which was an amazing experience and have been interested in learning how to tune into them to read them for myself ever since. I am so pleased Chris has decided to offer this workshop as the process that she takes you through is easy to understand and now I can access my records whenever I want to. The small numbers in the group ensured that Chris had time to give us all a mini reading and our questions were well answered. Chris provided a friendly, relaxed and safe environment for us to share our experiences. Consequently I left feeling totally relaxed, positive and well connected with everyone within the group. The Soul Journey Workshop is one that I will recommend. - Liz Finlay

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Chris’ ‘Akashic Record’ Workshops in Palmerston North.  It was a lovely small group of 10 people, making it more personal and cosy and a one on one setting when we needed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and grew as a person through the new tools and skills Chris taught us. It is absolutely amazing what we can heal within ourselves and our past lives by being taught this valuable knowledge, to tap into our own records. Anything that is troubling me or needs to be addressed, such as a habit, a mindset or a condition, I can now access through the Akashic Records. This helps me understand why I am a certain way or why I attract a certain situation. Or why I need to forgive (usually myself) to set myself free and move forward in my life. It is a fantastic way to get clear and precise answers of what we need to let go in order to grow and create a different way. I recommend Chris’ course, it truly worked for me. - Jackie Campbell


I first met Chris Wilson at a Spiritual weekend in Palmerston North. The information she told me about myself that day was amazing, I came away on cloud nine, finding it hard to take in, as I have always been told I am no good, and at a low level on the Spiritual level.  I enrolled for her course " How to read your Akashic Records. What a fantastic day!   It was very enjoyable and relaxing, given that there was heaps of information. Once again I left gobsmacked. To be told where I came from, why I came back, what special things I can achieve and do took some thinking about. I also left the course with a job to do to heal a faulty DNA in my family which with some research on correct full names etc, I have had the pleasure of doing. About half way through the 7 day healing a young niece was really improving, I hope the rest of the family will follow suit. I fully recommend anyone who wants to find out what their soul journey is to have a reading. It really helps your understanding of self, as well as relationships with family and friends. - Christine Powley

Have been meaning to send you a quick message since the workshop just to say thanks again and tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have been going into the Akashic Records almost every day since then and I am loving the whole experience and what I'm getting from it  I have my wee business making Aromatherapy products and Crystal Essences and I've now found that I'm using the Akashic Records to be able to programme the crystals in the Essences for specific people so it has taken on a whole new direction since the workshop! I'm hoping to have my website up and running soon and I would love to share it with you when I finally get organised. - Susan

Yes I am very keen to pursue and use the tools that you have taught me and work with them myself and practice with others.  It feels like where I go when I am making space to sit quietly and listen to my soul self but gives a more structured intentional approach to it which I like.

I made myself a task list on Sunday morning of how I can proceed with developing myself and my abilities further. I feel really comfortable and excited by what was revealed and lifted by the workshop experience overall.  I've been on such a high since! Most of all I really got a sense that maybe I do have the abilities that I can develop and shape into a future vocation for me. It's been a feeling in me developing over the past few years and a sense of excitement and anticipation but at your workshop it seemed to take on a new level of taking shape and becoming a reality.-  Sarah

What a great Workshop you take! I love the way you ran it, I felt relaxed and enjoyed your whole approach and presentation to our class. You attracted a wonderful divine group, every single one! - Rob

Thank you Chris ! It was such an awesome day.- Jess

Thank you so much, Chris, so appreciate your rich sharing of the work you've developed!! - Gabriel

Much Love. Thank you Chris, for everything, and sharing your personal story with your family also. I really enjoyed it, felt fantastic when I woke up this morning! I learned a lot and felt privileged to be around some wonderful ladies! - Lisa

The course was great, it made it all simple. As you suggested I went into the records last night but ended up being in them for an hour as I was painting and lost track of time. I felt very at one with what I was doing, lots of 'flow', just got on and did it. So it felt really good and I'll do it again today and build up the time. 

Thank you for all you wisdom and sense of humour.  I now spend all day every day in the Akashic Records, I feel it helps me have greater self awareness - Lorrie

Thanks so much for a wonderful day!! I took my book to work and went into the records for half an hour. I will do the same tomorrow.

I read the notes last night and was quite amazed by what i had written. I am keen to work with the Akashic records and learn from them with respect, love and caring.

Thanks again! - Heather

Online Course

First of all, a big THANK YOU because your online 'Soul History Workshop' course is just amazing.

I am French and in the past I have tried to open my records with a French prayer but it wasn't so efficient. With yours it works perfectly. - Angella


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